What Topics Are Included in BRITE?

Lesson 1: Making BRITE Decisions

Lesson 2: Understanding and Building Your Personal Strengths

Lesson 3: Setting Goals: Making the BRITE Program Work for You

Lesson 4: Understanding Trauma: When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Lesson 5: Understanding How Trauma Affects a Person: One Step to Building Resilience

Lesson 6: Understanding Resilience

Lesson 7: The Courage to Heal – Moving Beyond Trauma to Recovery

Lesson 8: Understanding Stress and Coping

Lesson 9: Building Resilience Through Mindfulness and Spirituality: Is This Right for You?

Lesson 10: Understanding the Connection Between Positive and Negative Thinking and Trauma

Lesson 11: Strengthen Social Supports and Build Healthy Relationships

Lesson 12: Understanding the Connection Between Trauma and Mental Health: Part 1

Lesson 13: Understanding the Connection Between Trauma and Mental Health: Part 2

Lesson 14: Understanding the Connection Between Trauma and Physical Health

Lesson 15: Building Resilience by Understanding the Connection Between Trauma and Substance Use

Lesson 16: Deciding to Speak Up: Making Your Needs and Preferences Known in a Way That Works for You

Lesson 17: Speaking Up: Making Services Work for You

Lesson 18: How Your Decisions About Trauma Are Affected by Your Cultural, Family, and Religious Background

Lesson 19: Getting Started on a Personal Wellness Plan that Builds Resilience

Lesson 20: Deciding On and Using Trauma Related Services In a Way that Works for You

Lesson 21: Making Informed Decisions About the Use of Medication to Support Resilience

Lesson 22: Deciding If Leadership, Advocacy and Directly Helping Others Is Right for You

Lesson 23: Goals Check: Reviewing Your Progress and Deciding Next Steps

Lesson 24: Celebrating Accomplishments and Next Steps