Why is BRITE Important?

  • Traumatic life events have been shown to increase a person’s risk for mental health, substance use and related physical health problems.
  • Many approaches to addressing the impact of trauma focus on symptoms related to the past and the reduction of symptoms. BRITE is about strengthening one’s capacity to meet the demands of the present and to build confidence to pursue future goals.
  • An individual’s resilience, grounded in both personal strengths and external resources, can be learned and mobilized to reduce trauma related risks and strengthen the person’s capacity to address past, present and future challenges.
  • BRITE emphasizes what is strong rather than what is wrong. It is infused with positive and empowering messages.
  • When we have knowledge and strategies to deal with past, current and future stressful events and conditions, we have the personal POWER to live a more satisfying and successful life.

The BRITE program is very new. The initial field testing of the program involved 30 clients in residential, clinic and day programs in New York City. Feedback from clients and group facilitators indicated that the BRITE program added significant value to their services. Below is a sample of comments from clients and group facilitators.